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Although exercising and eating well are some of the most important aspects of being healthy, there's one aspect that you might not have considered: that of your genes. More specifically, the important factor is your genotype, which refers to the genes that make up the body of a given person. Your genotype is made up of gene variants, which affect every aspect of your body, from your neurological workings to your cardiovascular system to your bone structure (and everything else in between). Your genes even have an effect on how you absorb chemicals and how well you perform when you exercise.


Your unique Sport and Fitness genes





Genetic Sport and Fitness DNA test online 2017

Some of the important genes in your system are the following: BCMO1, CYP1A2, SOD2, MTHFR, ACTN3, FTO, SLC23A1, VDBP, FUT2, and ALP. All of these effect the dimensions of your health, such as how healthy your skin and bones are, sporting performance, and how you metabolize caffeine and vitamins. At New Life Genetics, we offer a saliva test that will help you to determine your genotype. Our DNA test is user-friendly, and, more than that, it's completely safe. It's fast as well; you can take your saliva and be done in five minutes or less. Although it involves a saliva swab, it's not invasive. After you've taken a saliva sample, you need only repack the sample into a prepaid envelope, which is provided in the package that you'll have received from us. Simply place the sample into the return envelope and place it in your mailbox.


Once you've received the results of your test, we'll also send you a wealth of specialised advice and recommendations; these will be tailored to you and your specific genotype. You'll also receive an e-mail that links to your personal report, which is password-protected. You can download it at any time.


Once identified, we will provide personalised information and advice based on your specific gene variants to allow you to utilise your genetic strengths to help you reach optimal results. The Health & Fitness DNA test combines our full Obesity and Weight Management DNA test with our Skin and Acne DNA test. These two tests, plus a further focus on your genetic traits to exercise and nutrition, provides a wide array of information that you can apply to multiple areas of your everyday life, and makes the Health & Fitness test unbeatable value!


Personal genetic report - Optimize your Fitness

Our report will inform you on a number of topics. For example, you will also learn about how cell damage can be caused by free radicals; how your genotype has an influence on the quantities of them inside your body; and what steps you can take to combat them. Based on the results of your report, you'll also receive tips on managing your weight and suggestions of how to build up a diet that's specialized to your needs and specific genotype.


You will learn about the effects your genotype has on your body. For example, some 31% of people have the “sprinter gene,” which has a beneficial effect on strength and speed. As a result, people in this category have bodies that are well-suited to judo, weightlifting, and of course sprinting. On the contrary, some 18% of the population has the “marathoner gene,” which enables them to excel at stamina-heavy sports like long-distance swimming and cross-country running. By learning about which sports your body may be well-adapted for, you can give yourself an advantage that might not be possessed by other athletes.


Another area of learning is the SOD2 enzyme. If SOD2 isn't functioning properly, then you're more at risk for chronic illnesses like cancer, coronary heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Becoming aware of your genotype will also help you identify whether you're more likely to develop asthma because of your genes.


Meanwhile, the BMO1 gene has an effect on converting carotenoids into vitamin A, which is linked with functioning of the immune and visual systems, as well as healthy skin and nails. You can improve the effectiveness of this enzyme by making appropriate changes to your diet. The BCMO1 enzyme also has an effect on how your skin ages and develops wrinkles.


In addition, your variation of the CYP1A2 gene within the rs762551 genetic marker influences how much caffeine you absorb when you drink caffeinated products, and how likely you are to suffer from a caffeine overdose. Moreover, you can find out if you're genetically predisposed to properly absorbing vitamin C; if you're not, then our report will inform you of which steps to take.


The report will inform you about the functioning of various vitamins within your body. For example, your genotype also has an effect on how vitamin D is transported throughout your body—and vitamin D deficiency is an important factor in the development of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Likewise, your genotype has an influence on how effectively you absorb vitamin B6, which is beneficial for the nervous system, and vitamin B12, which takes care of DNA synthesis. If they're not absorbed properly, you can suffer from lethargy and fatigue.


Learn by genetics how to optimize your life

You will learn about how some genes have an effect on the activity of vitamin B9, via the activity of the MTHFR enzyme. If you're not consuming enough folic acid—and this fact is combined with specific genetic conditions—then you might be more at risk of developing problems related to mental health, how will you sleep, the cardiovascular system, and digestion. Another substance that has an effect within your body is homocysteine, which in some circumstances is considered a pathogen. Your genes can make you susceptible to its damaging effects as well.


Our DNA-report will help you correct problems with your skin. You can find out how your nutrition and lifestyle are affecting the consistency and complexion of your skin. You can also find out if you have genetic predispositions to other skin conditions like acne, and our recommendations for a lifestyle, dietary and hygienic regimen that will help you deal with it.


Our report will also help you assess how you eat you eat so that you can gain muscle, get stronger, and develop a healthy target weight. Furthermore, it will inform you on those proportions of nutrients that you need to strengthen your antioxidant system is related to what kind of genotype you have.


Ultimately, there are a lot of benefits to getting a survey of your genotype with New Life Genetics. It's safe, fast, efficient, and convenient. You can learn about which sports your body is more angled toward; which diseases you're at risk of developing; and how you can improve your absorption of precious nutrients. You can learn how to improve your nutrition and diet so that eating in a healthy, delicious way is a reality rather than a dream. If you're interested, give us a call today.


And remember - a personal DNA test is for life.



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